There is something magical about the ocean. Its size, its waves, it's sound; it's intensity is like no other. For us, the ocean grounds us...

...and anchors ground us no matter where we are. Some choose to anchor in one place permanently, while others choose to ride the wave, being adventurous and having the opportunity to anchor in a new place each day.  No matter how you anchor, we want you to share that experience with us!  

We look forward to providing you with fun, beautiful nautical anchor products that get you excited about showing your love for the water. Our boutique includes anchor shirts, nautical apparel, nauti decor, anchor bracelets, wooden anchor decor, sailor clothing, nautical tote bags, and more. Show your love for lake life & salt life with Anchor In Waves!

We can only improve with your feedback.  Please let us know what you would like to see in our boutique at

We can't thank you enough for joining us on our new adventure!  

The Anchor in Waves Team